Deena Maerowitz :: Guiding Students Through Admissions

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Deena works with students based on the premise that there should be a personalized approach in guiding students and their families through the college admissions process. With her background in adolescent education and counseling, Deena believes that the college search should focus on each student’s strengths and goals and on finding schools where students will learn, grow and thrive.


Depending on client consultation and needs, a personalized program can include:

  • Review of student's academic history
  • Assessment and advice on extra-curricular interests
  • Assessment of student's academic and personal strengths
  • Creation of a timeline for college entrance exams and admissions deadlines
  • Development of and revisions to a list of colleges
  • Advice for college visits
  • Assistance with preparation for admissions interviews
  • Assistance in development, revision, and editing of admissions essays